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July 4th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hi all,

See you again here. I was facing some problem with my VPS (Virtual Private Server). I have VPS that’s running testing website, and some development site.
I use Virtualmin control panel from Webmin, not the paid one πŸ˜€

My problem started when i saw cPanel installation script in my server list account (Server Control Panel). Then bad thing from me is, alway want to try something new, event i don’t know what is that and what will happen to my server. Any way, i click one the installation script to install cPanel. it took almost 1 day to finish it up.

After installing cPanel, i hadn’t realize that cPanel change all my server configuration until i try to create an other domain using Virtualmin.

What has cPanel change for my server:
– Changing my root access permission
– Changing my MySQL root access password
– Changing MySQL services, Server and Client to an other repo
– Putting Cron job to reset MySQL root password every minute
– Disabling YUM to update core services

The worse part is, i can’t uninstall cPanel, the only way is to reinstall my VPS. WOW, that’s cool, install script without uninstall script.

And i was spending almost all my day to try to turn it off, because i don’t know what was happening on my server, What i did to Turn Off cPanel:
1. Login as ROOT

2. Turn off cPanel service

#service cpanel stop


#/etc/init.d/cpanel stop

3. Remove cPanel from the deamon

#chkconfig --del cpanel

or Just turn it off

#chkconfig --level 123456 cpanel off

4. remove all the cPanel script from cron jobs

#crontab -e

remove all the line that has ‘cpanel’ name of it.

5. Reset MySQL password for ROOT

// turn off mysql
#service mysqld stop
// start safe mode
#mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables
mysql> USE mysql;
mysql> UPDATE `user` SET `password`=password('YOUR_PASSWORD') where user='root';
mysql> EXIT;
// Restart MySQL service
#service mysqld restart

6. Restart your server (optional)
7. Enjoy your server again

That’s all you need to get off cPanel from your server. I hope this will help somebody to fix their problem of uninstalling cPanel.

Don’t forget to poke me, if you have some problem of my tutorial. sorry, there is no image, only full of writing that may be make you guys headache. πŸ˜€ :p πŸ™‚


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