iOS Database Limit to 5MB (Solved – Hacked)

April 6th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Hi all,

As we know, iOS only allow us to have 5MB Database if we use web-base application. I also faced the same problem when i’m doing application that need more than 5MB Database size on iPad / iPhone using PhoneGap as a wrapper.

After some experiment on iPad and iPhone, i found some thing that very interesting:
1. We cannot define / open database with more than 5MB size allocation.
2. We able to define / open more than one databases that each one has 5MB or less size allocation
3. Every databases being recorded in Databases.db under ‘~/Library/WebKit/Databases’
4. Databases file is stored in ‘~/Library/WebKit/Databases/file__0’ path.
5. ‘~/Library/WebKit/Databases/file__0’ folder has limit definition (5MB) in Databases.db under origin table.

What i did:
1. Run my application using iPhone / iPad simulation (run it once)
2. Get the Databases.db file under simulation folder
3. Open Databases.db using SQLite client, in here i’m using “SQLite Database Browser 1.3
Databases.db File
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