Turn Off cPanel

July 4th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Hi all,

See you again here. I was facing some problem with my VPS (Virtual Private Server). I have VPS that’s running testing website, and some development site.
I use Virtualmin control panel from Webmin, not the paid one 😀

My problem started when i saw cPanel installation script in my server list account (Server Control Panel). Then bad thing from me is, alway want to try something new, event i don’t know what is that and what will happen to my server. Any way, i click one the installation script to install cPanel. it took almost 1 day to finish it up.

After installing cPanel, i hadn’t realize that cPanel change all my server configuration until i try to create an other domain using Virtualmin.

What has cPanel change for my server:
– Changing my root access permission
– Changing my MySQL root access password
– Changing MySQL services, Server and Client to an other repo
– Putting Cron job to reset MySQL root password every minute
– Disabling YUM to update core services
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